Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What puts the "Country" in the Curate?

One of the things that I have enjoyed the most since my arrival (other than what directly pertains to my ministry as a priest, of course!) is becoming acquainted with the countryside. We are constantly "on the go" here...and since the parish boundaries are 800+ square miles, that means  a lot of driving (I've already put more than 500 miles on my car just doing parish things!)...but it also means that I am quickly getting to see one of the most beautiful countrysides that Maine has to offer. Whether I'm making the 24 mile round-trip drive to Fort Fairfield for daily Mass or trucking it 90+ miles for my weekend Mass rotation in Portage and Ashland, the views are spectacular and very diverse. At any given moment I can find myself in the middle of the dense forest surrounded by a thick array of coniferous and deciduous trees and then, in a blink of an eye, I will be in the midst of beautiful farmland stretching for miles over the rolling hills. There are rivers and lakes all around...and some of the most charming old grange halls, churches, farmhouses, and cemeteries. There's an old world feel here...a simplicity of life...and the landscape reflects it. I definitely think that I'm going to have to get a really nice camera...

Priest's typically get one day off a week, and it's never on the weekend (for obvious reasons.) My day off happens to be on Monday, which is nice because it helps me to recover from the busyness of 4 weekend Masses. I've always preferred to spend my free time either indoors reading or in the heart of a big city taking advantage of whatever cultural/art opportunities I can. But there's not too much of that here...I'm going to have to branch out and dive into what the area has to offer me. Maybe I'll take up hiking or fishing. I definitely have to visit the plethora of farm stands and farmer's markets. Whatever it is, I need to let the countryside guide me on those Mondays, not vice versa. After all, I am a country curate...I better start acting like one!

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